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Challenge#11 -Japanese rock/pop

Nowadays it's impossible to stumble across Livejournal without bumping into one or two j-pop/rock bands/artists. I've started to listen to a few amazing ones too. ;)


*you may submit up to three (3) icons
*icons must have something to do with Japanese rock/pop
*texts, ANIMATION, everything is ALLOWED
*comment to this post with the icons, comments will be screened
*please, post just icons which haven't been posted somewhere else before
*go crazy ^^
*please, post a link to this challenge to your journals if you believe there's someone who might be into visual kei, etc ^^'

*Good luck, my sweeties!<3

As usual, I give some pictures for you to use but you can use ANY picture you like, these are just suggestions if you feel like attending to our challenge without being a huge jrock addict :)


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<-I'd especially love to see icons of this gorgeus man *hint hint* Uruha/Gazette

more here, including Gazette, Merry, Dir En Grey, Kagerou, 3B Lab., Mucc and so on.


Ayumi Hamasaki screen capture cave
Koda Kumi -your ultimate source
BoA nation
Utada Hikaru

Questions? Ask away<3

Hopefully we'll see a lot of icons :)
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