Challenge#11 -Japanese rock/pop

Nowadays it's impossible to stumble across Livejournal without bumping into one or two j-pop/rock bands/artists. I've started to listen to a few amazing ones too. ;)


*you may submit up to three (3) icons
*icons must have something to do with Japanese rock/pop
*texts, ANIMATION, everything is ALLOWED
*comment to this post with the icons, comments will be screened
*please, post just icons which haven't been posted somewhere else before
*go crazy ^^
*please, post a link to this challenge to your journals if you believe there's someone who might be into visual kei, etc ^^'

*Good luck, my sweeties!<3

As usual, I give some pictures for you to use but you can use ANY picture you like, these are just suggestions if you feel like attending to our challenge without being a huge jrock addict :)

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Questions? Ask away<3

Hopefully we'll see a lot of icons :)
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New affiliates, hooray!

I'm happy to present you our new and deeply loved affiliates! Click and check 'em out, I'm sure you'll find out you have to join them ;)

big_graphics -sucha great idea! This comm is dedicated to graphics which are BIGGER than 100x100 -go, go and join! I'm sure I will^^
bwcolour_stills -misc. icontest have to stick together<3
resourcelove -help&inspiration for everyone
rickman_stills -Alan.Rickman.Swoons.
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Back to business! ^__^

I'm sorry everything has been so confusing lately -this place has become almost like a ghost town, summer totally messed up our systems.. though it isn't an excuse^^' I'm sad to see some of our members have left. This comm was my dear baby and I've tried my best to keep it alive. This is a new beginning -regular challenges will be returned, we will follow the original rules and everything's getting back to normal, I promise. Now all I ask is a little patience and hardcore promotion. Spread the word, tell your friends we're alive and kicking. ^___^

But, we have a voting to to do, right? ;)

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Some changes

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At first something you already expected -I have to extend challenge 10 due to the lack of entries. Please, darlings, it's Christian *teh yummy* Bale, you don't wanna miss this. ;) One extra week, now you have time till July 14th (next Friday).

From now on, every challenge will last two weeks instead of the normal one. That's cause of the decreasing amount of entries and the fact that there's thousands and thousands of things which are keeping the mods busy. I hope we can return to the normal system after summer's gone. :)

Have a lovely weekend!
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A pile of awards

Hullo, everyone! Hopefully your summer has been amazing. :)

So, I finally sat down to make some banners. Here's awards for the winners of Scrat and Charmed challenges. Lemme know how you feel about them and if there's any stoopid typos or other mistakes -I'll fix them up for you.

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challenge 10 - Christian Bale

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Okay, so our next challenge is all about the gorgeous&talented actor Christian Bale. Without further blabbing, let's get to the rules:

*you may submit up to 3 icons
*only use the pics behind the cut
*blending, text etc is allowed
*please, don't submit icons which you've already posted somewhere else
*deadline is next Tuesday, July 4th

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Winners challenge 9 -just a little late...

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You guys won't believe how truly completely sorry I am: I promised elffingqueen to put up the winners ages ago and -as you can see- I somehow managed to forgot the whole thing (Midsummer and everything, very big thing here in Finland). Once again I'm so sorry, just feel free to hate me. I promise to be a better mod in the future :)
Here are the winners:

1st place: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting made by lovenhereyes

2nd place: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting made by lightningbeaty

3rd place: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting made by lightningbeaty

Mod's choice: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting made by lightningbeaty

Congrats to the winners -fantastic job ^^
And I know you're all wondering where the hell are the banners. Don't panic, they'll come. Peace and love everyone :)
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*rubbing hands* Yes, I'm late, as usual. ^^' But let's get into the business, shall we?

~vote for no more than three icons -in order of preference
~don't vote for your own icons
~comment to this post with the votes
~voting ends on Saturday midnight, winners will be announced Monday
~new challenge on Saturday, 'cause we won't be able to post it tomorrow

This time just one voting 'cause there isn't enough icons for two proper ones.

Good luck! <3

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I'm thrilled to bits, guys! The entries we've received so far have been amazing and I really mean it. *does a happy dance* But, more is needed, more is wanted, so you'll have one more week to make and submit icons for our Charmed challenge. New deadline is next Wednesday.
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No entries for Charmed-challenge yet! I'm hoping you've been making them loads and loads and now, when the deadline is near, you just can't choose which ones to post.. right? ^^'

Anyway, tomorrow's the last day to submit the icons. Hopefully there's going to be bunches of them. Pics are pretty (of course 'cause I choosed them. *lol*)