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Feeling dizzy?

A multifandom icontest

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Welcome to Feeling dizzy? @fizzy_stillness, the most all-rounded icontest around!
This is basically a multifandom icontest. What it means in practice is that we've created an icontest that we've always wanted someone else to create. Since no one has (or at least we haven't found it) we had to do it by ourselves. Enjoy.

1.The mods (that's us) are the ones who decide the theme for every contest. 'Cause our tastes are quite multiplex that means that the theme can be pretty much anything, from movies to music, from F1 to socks and so on. We may give you lyrics, pictures, bases, etc and then the rest is in your hands.

2.The schedule:
One icontest/week but if we're totally out of time we might extend it. Themes are posted on every Friday and you've got time to submit your entries till the next Tuesday (midnight GMT). We feel it's more human towards all of you that you can spend the weekend making your entries. Voting is on for Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we'll announce the winners and give a new theme. Awards will come when we get them done so don't hold your breath.

3. We'll hold layout contests every now and then when we feel like the place needs a change of appearence.

4. You may submit three (3) icons/challenge. And just so you could hate us, this may change also. (It depends on the number of participants.)

5. This is a STILLNESS icontest and that means that you're not allowed to post animated icons.

6. Submit the icons to the actual challenge post (leave the mid-week reminders alone or..). All the comments are screened (or if they aren't someone has screwed things up. That's likely to happen when it comes to us.)

7. When you submit your entries give us the URL and the TAG (<**img scr...**>) for the icon. Please use a reliable host like f. ex. Photobucket.

8. Do NOT vote for yourselves. We mean it. Grrr.

9.If you decide to become a member you allow the other people to snag your icon beauties. If the icon you love and you wanna take doesn't place, please ask the mods to give you the name of the maker. (This way you can credit. Always credit. This is a common f*cking rule.)

10. You can compare the mods to some Ancient Greek Gods: we are all-powerful. We are allowed to participate too if we feel like it (so stop bitching. This is what we call 'democracy'). We will also give "Mod's choice" awards. (At least if we remember. Don't count on it.)

We'd be more than happy to affiliate you! So if you have an icontest/challenge/stillness community (or some non-icon community you'd just love to see as our affiliate) let us know and we're likely to add you here.



Shia Stillness

You don't wanna affiliate us but you wanna spread the happy message of fizzy_stillness? Then, just grab a button below and put it into your userinfo. ^^

We just started and we're waiting for at least 10 talented and enthusiastic members before the first challenge is posted.
So join people, join. (But for God's sake do NOT join if you have no intentions whatsoever in taking part in our challenges.)

elffingqueen is a little pirate who's in love with Nickelback, Josh Groban, Gilmore Girls, All Creatures Great And Small, Tony Almeida's Season 4 -tummy and LOST (*cough*Charlie/Claire*cough*). She's been drawing for ages and the results can be seen in her (fan)art journal blindcottonlove.

jofly can't wait for Linkin Park's next album to come out. (One day we'll have a challenge that has something to do with LP. Promise.) She also swears allegiance to 24 (Jack saves the world), LOST, LotR, Mike Shinoda, Formula 1 (Go Kimi go!) and a lot of other things and one day you just may find out what. And she's afraid of Odysseus. Seriously.